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“Savvy Drinks is more than just a partner to Blue Chair Bay Rum. They are a trusted advisor, a knowledge base of industry information and relationships. From sourcing, to production and go-to-market strategies and sales, Savvy has provided invaluable expertise and guidance across the entire spectrum of the spirits industry. Savvy continues to make Blue Chair Bay Rum a priority, seamlessly moving from a successful launch, through to product line expansion in our drive to make Blue Chair Bay Rum a household name.”

David Farmer
President, Fishbowl Spirits (Blue Chair Bay Rum)


“As the developer of an emerging new brand, I cannot overstate the importance of Savvy’s contribution in getting my whiskey to market. They provide essential practical and procedural knowledge, as well as insight, implementation, and thorough guidance throughout every aspect of the spirits business. Savvy’s partnership has helped to create a rock solid foundation for my company and will continue to be instrumental to the success of my brand."

Paul Goldman
Fabulous American Beverages (Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey)


“At MHW Ltd., we provide extremely efficient access to the US market for spirits, wine and beer suppliers. Effective public relations and specialized marketing are important attributes to building successful brands. Roseann Sessa is an expert at her craft and we recommend Savvy to any brand supplier.”

John Beaudette
President of MHW Ltd.


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