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  Blue Chair Bay Rum

When multi-platinum singer songwriter Kenny Chesney wanted to create a rum that bottled up his island lifestyle, his team came to Savvy Drinks. We developed Blue Chair Bay Rum. We also helped build and launch Kenny’s spirits company, Fishbowl Spirits, which involved building the initial sales force and a national route to market with top-tier distributors. Launched in Spring 2013, Blue Chair Bay Rum was the most successful brand launch ever for an independent spirits company. The brand has grown substantially and current flavors now include White, Coconut, Coconut Spiced, Banana, Vanilla, Coconut Spiced Rum Cream, Banana Rum Cream and Key Lime Rum Cream. Savvy continues to manage product development and production. We handle new product development and all facets of production including sourcing the rum, glass and other packaging material; managing all logistics; and working with the co-packer to coordinate bottling schedules.

  Old Camp Whiskey

In 2015, the award-winning country music duo Florida Georgia Line decided they wanted a whiskey that reflected their free-spirited personalities. Their management team came to Savvy Drinks. We helped create almost 40 flavors for FGL to sample in order to find the one that was right for them. We also identified and worked with a glass producer and package designer to create the Old Camp Whiskey bottle. Once we had the liquid and the packaging right, we approached several substantial spirits companies to find the best industry partner for Old Camp Whiskey. We formed a joint venture with Proximo Spirits. Proximo launched Old Camp Whiskey nationally and are working closely with FGL to build the brand aggressively. From concept to transaction took about a year.

  Cocktail Caviar

Cocktail Caviar is burstable pearls of naturally flavored spirits.  In a glass of wine, Cocktail Caviar is the pearl at the bottom—the best saved for last.  Frozen, it’s top-shelf cocktail ice or a shareable dessert (imagine melon-ball sorbet that’s not only deliciously alcoholic, but actually in little balls).  Cocktail Caviar is the ultimate signature ingredient in signature cocktails.  It’s a unique up-sell to outsell the “floater”.  A crowd-pleasing aperitif that adds surprise and sociability before the meal.  And a premium dessert topping that’ll end the evening with a smile.


  Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey

Founded in 2009 by Paul Goldman, Fabulous American Beverages' mission was to create whiskey that would appeal equally to men and women who typically enjoy vodka--a new whiskey for the new whiskey drinker. The result is Kansas Clean Distilled Spirit Whiskey, a clean, crisp whiskey that breaks new ground in the whiskey category, both in the way it's created and in its startling approachability.



  Iceberg Vodka

The purest vodka starts with the purest water.  Iceberg Vodka harvests icebergs found off the coast of Newfoundland and uses that pristine water as the base for its incredible vodka.  Iceberg Vodka.  There’s so much more beneath the surface.



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